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in 15 min to your own website with Google

For Whom?

Tour guides or tourist guides

  • Who so far don’t have their own website
  • Have little digital experience
  • Who would like to receive step-by-step instructions


  • Who want to offer their members further training for professionalization.
  • This webinar can be credited towards your certification in the area of “entrepreneurial knowledge and working conditions”.

Starting Point

    • There are many different website kits and CMS systems on the market.
    • Some of these require programming knowledge or design experience.
    • Beginners in particular can quickly be overwhelmed here.
    • In addition, you have to take care of a search engine optimization, called SEO, so that you can be found on Google.


    • With Google My Business, Google offers a tool for the self-employed to create a simple website for free.
    • In addition, Google creates an industry entry in Google Search and Google Maps and is therefore easier to find.
    • If a guide later wants to build his own larger website, this can easily be done without losing the business entry and the ratings.

Sebastian Frankenberger

Trainer, business owner & active guide

Level: Beginners
Duration: 2hrs
Attendees: MaX 15
Certificate for participating

Webinar Content

Step by step instructions

  • Photo selection
  • Cancellation policy
  • Amount of the tour prices

recommendations for

  • Setting up a Google address
  • Set up the Google Business listing
  • Set up the Google Business website
  • Set up of bookable tours
  • How to optimize the business listing as best as possible

Sample texts for

  • Imprint
  • Self-descriptions
  • Tour descriptions

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